Towards an Integral Philosophy: A History of Universal and Innate Intelligences

Published May/June 2014

A visionary book exploring the deep roots of Integral Theory, Universal Intelligence, and Innate Intelligence. The ideas of D.D. Palmer are used as a way to explore core philosophical problems of our time. Simon Senzon brings a breadth of knowledge from several fields and develops a history of philosophy as well as modern day philosophical outlook based on the works of Ken Wilber and D.D. Palmer.


Coming 2015

Towards An Integral Philosophy is a completely new view of reality. The book takes as its jumping off point, the philosophical systems of Ken Wilber and D.D. Palmer. Wilber is the founder of Integral Theory and Integral Methodological Pluralism and Palmer is the founder of chiropractic. Palmer lived at the turn of the 20th century. His creation of chiropractic included a very detailed science, art, and a philosophy of Universal Intelligence and Innate Intelligence. These ideas were pioneering and also included Spirit and soul as part of biology and the healing arts. This created extraordinary polarities within the emerging profession. The polarities still exist and thus Palmer’s philosophy is an ideal jumping off point to explore Wilber’s work. The Integral Approach is pioneering in its own right. It takes in every known domain of human knowledge and the methods through which we acquire that knowledge and offers a map through which we may better know ourselves. What better way to explore this map than in relation to Universal Intelligence and Innate Intelligence?