Two new books and a new CLASSIC poster, which was originally drawn by R.W. Stephenson!

Please check out these incredible gems. The poster was found in an old issue of Palmer’s journal The Chiropractor. There was an ad in a 1926 issue for The Chiropractic Chart. We had it re-drawn with incredible attention to detail. Stephenson captures the science and philosophy in an extraordinary way!

The new books speak for themselves. Both should be on every chiropractor’s shelf. The Complete Chiropractor compiled and edited by Stevan Walton, DC, FICC includes the collected writings of R.J. Watkins, one of the leading chiropractors of the 20th century. The Chiropractor’s Protégé: The Untold Story of Oakley G. Smith’s Journey with D.D. Palmer in Chiropractic’s Founding Years, by Timothy J. Faulkner, DC, takes the historical scholarship in chiropractic to a new level.